This step is required to begin translation. Render needs to know which Users/Roles are responsible for the Sets being translated.
Before you can assign sets, be sure you have added the user/role you are assigning sets to. Go to Add or Edit Users if you need to complete that step of the project setup.

1. Open Render and log in as Configure.

2. Choose "Users."

3. Select a user from the list.

4. Click "Assign Sets."

5. Click the user role you want to assign sets to.

  • Depending on the user, you may have multiple roles to assign sets to (eg Community Check Setup, Community Check 1, 2 and 3).

6. On the Assignments page, click "Add Sets."

7. A list of available sets will have an "Assign" button to the right of them.

8. Once you've selected which sets to assign, click the "Done" button.

9. You'll see the Assignments page again, with the sets you just assigned to that role. You may adjust priority or unassign any of the sets you see here.

10. When you're finished editing the assignments, click "Close."

11. Sets assigned to one team for Translate roles must be assigned to the other team for Peer Review. For example, in the screenshot above, Sets 1,2,3&4 must be assigned to Translation Team 2, Peer Review role.

12. Be sure to sync your device.

After a successful sync, sync the user's device to receive the set assignments.

If that device has not added the project, click here to learn how to add the project to a new device.