Every new project in Render requires initialization or adding the project.

If you are using a new device with Render, it will prompt you with the Project ID request. 

Be sure you are connected to a strong Internet signal (via Ethernet cable or WiFi) as the process of adding the project requires downloading ALL project files. If someone else has already added the project and synced to your LAN router or USB drive, you can initialize the project by connecting to that rather than the internet.

If you already have a project installed using Render, see this article to add a second project.

BEFORE you open Render, find and copy your Project Key. This number was most likely emailed to you or provided by your Project Technician. The key will be 32 characters long.

1. Open Render and enter or paste the project key. (If you are typing in the key, the hyphens will automatically appear.)

2. Click "Submit."

3. Wait for your files to load.

4. The login screen will appear after the project has been successfully added.

  • If you have the Configure role or are the project technician, you will first need to set up:
  • After setting up the devices, you will work on: 
  • If you are any other role, click "Sync" to ensure you have all the up-to-date project files.
  • If you need to add another project to your device, see the How to add another project to your device article.
  • Begin using Render!