In Render, syncing is used to send and receive files between users on different machines.

Every device on a project, regardless of the roles on that device, must be able to sync. As the Project Technician, you will need to decide which type or types of syncing will work best with your project setup.

This icon will be seen when Render opens for the first time (initialization), and when Render opens without users assigned (click here to learn more). The Sync icon will appear on the Home page (after a user has logged in). When this icon appears, Render will attempt a sync in the following order: LAN then WEB.

Render has three different ways to sync: 

1. LAN (Local Area Network): You need to be connected to a local router set up for Render to do a LAN Sync. This is a great option when there is not a reliable internet connection and users are working in close proximity of one another. We recommend specific routers and have attached the instructions for set up to this article. (Note that your router must have removable storage such as a slot for a USB drive.

2. Web (Internet): Web Sync works best if you have a reliable internet connection. It is also a great option if you have users in different geographical locations. The Web Sync button is only on the login page. It is a symbol of two arrows making a circle with a globe. You will need to be connected to the internet to use Web Sync. When this icon appears, Render will only attempt a Web Sync.

3. Stick (USB): You need to insert a flash drive that has been set up to do a Render sync for a Stick Sync (see Set up USB Device). This type of syncing works best when there is no internet or LAN connection or your regular sync method is not working (in the case of a power outage, for example). When this icon appears, Render will only attempt a USB Stick Sync.

To perform a sync:


1. Touch the sync button. 

2. Wait while files are sent and received. You will see a sync loading page: 

3. If you see a red “X” on your sync button, it means that your sync was not successful.

  • Check your device’s connection settings to make sure you are connected to the router, internet or have your Render USB inserted. 
  • If you did a sync and did not receive the files you expected, make sure the device sending the files has been synced recently. If it was synced recently, double check that the device sending the files has been synced with the same method (LAN, Web, or USB).