Steps of Peer Review:

1. Listen to the Passage Translation player and focus your attention on Clarity, Naturalness, and Acceptability to the target audience. Make mental or written notes about anything in the translation and recording which might need to be improved. Play the translation player as many times as your team needs to feel confident about your feedback to the translation team.

2. Listen to both the translation and the Passage Primary Reference.  Focus your attention on Accuracy, comparing the translation to the primary reference. Consider playing each player one 'piece' at a time as you make the comparison. Make mental or written notes about anything that concerns you about the meaning in the translation compared to the meaning in the primary reference. A good translation will have the same meaning as the source, nothing added, nothing removed, and nothing changed.

3. Use the "Suggest Revision" button to make audio recordings of your notes. See the section "How to Suggest a Revision" below.

4. When your team is finished making audio notes, click Submit and send the translation on to the next step.

When you click Submit, you will be brought to the next passage to review in the set. If it is a single passage set, Render will bring you to the next set to review. See below for how to suggest a revision.

How to Suggest a Revision:

When you decide you want to send a note back to the translation team, click Suggest Revision. A note popup box will come up that looks like this:

At the top of the page, you can listen to the Passage Translation player (Madi Okollo*) and Reference (NIV*) player again. If at any time you want to go back to the previous page, click Close

*Player titles may vary as your Passage Translation (receptor language) and Passage Source (reference audio) may differ

To suggest a revision:

1. Press the yellow Record button.

2. Record your suggestion.

3. Press Stop.

4. You now have some options:

    a. Add to your note by pressing the Append (+) button.

    b. Play your note by pressing the Play button.

    c. Delete a part of your note by selecting it (clicking on the waveform) and pressing the Delete button.

5. Once you are happy with your Revision Suggestion to the translation team, click Submit.

6. If at any time before submitting, you decide you do not want to attach a suggestion, click Cancel.

Continue through every passage you are assigned and choose to pass the translation or suggest a revision. If you suggested one or more revisions, when you are done with your last passage, you will be brought back to your Home page. If you clicked Pass on all passages, you will be brought to a 
Set Review page.

If you suggested a revision for a passage and the translator re-recorded that passage, it will come back again for you to review. Follow the steps above to either pass the passage or suggest another revision.