We are very excited to announce the next version of Render (Render v1.1) is available! All of these features also apply to any other versions of 1.1, such as 1.1.2.

What’s New in Render v1.1

• Admin (Read-only)

- This person can follow the project along with the admin and see all of the configuration, but can only change their own email, phone, Skype or interface language. Any number of people can be assigned this role. Any user with this role must be assigned a password.

• Multiple Consultants (Single Language)

- A project can have more than one consultant that speaks the same language.

- Consultant language, now, can be configured in Project Configuration. If a project currently has a consultant, the language will automatically be set to the current language.

• Initialize button for USB device – Render Stick Sync in Admin Project Configuration

• HTTPS web sync

- Increased security during transfer of data

• Updated Admin icons and pages

• Various bug fixes