Now that you understand more about sets and passages, the Setup page, as well as how your flags and questions will show up in Community Check, below are the specific steps of setting up a question for the community.

To begin to set up Community Check:

1. Launch Render.

2. Click on your user name and input your password if you have one.

3. Click on the yellow Community Check Setup button on your Home page. (If the button is not yellow, sync your machine.)

Render will bring you to the Setup page. Here, you will have the audio loaded for the entire translated set. On this Setup page, you will see a yellow play button. This means that you have to press play before moving to the next step. While playing you can pause and scrub (move) backward, but you can only scrub forward to pieces that you have listened to.

To continue in Community Check Setup:

4. Press the yellow Play button and listen all the way through.

5. Press the dark blue Play button as many times as you would like to listen again.

After listening to the set, you will have more active options on the page and can start creating questions for Community Check. To continue:

6. Press the blue Play button to find a spot that is a good place for a question. Remember, the community will be listening to the audio in the set up to your question. If you want to ask a question right at the end of a passage, skip ahead to the next section.

7. Press the Pause button in the place where you want to ask your question.

8. If you paused in the middle of a word or in the wrong spot, move the scrub bar by clicking and holding on the white arrow and moving it to the desired spot.

9. When you have the scrubber in the spot you want, press the yellow flag button. Your page will look similar to this:

You now have a blue tab and an active recorder. To record your question:

10. Press the yellow Record button and speak your question into your microphone.

11. Press Stop.

12. You now have some options with your recorded question. You can:

    a. Add to your question by pressing the Append button.

    b. Play your question by pressing the Play button.

    c. Delete your question by selecting it (clicking on the waveform) and pressing the Delete button.

13. Use the Append, Play and Delete buttons as needed to edit your question.

14. If you realize that this is not a good place for your question and want to delete your entire question tab and flag location, press the big “X” Question Delete button to the right of the recorder. This will delete your entire tab and any work done in that tab.

15. When you are happy with your question, press "Submit" on the bottom of the page. From here, you can record more questions and add more flags by repeating steps 6-15.

16. Continue recording questions until you are satisfied with the questions for this set. Remember that all of your work for this set is done on this Setup page, so make sure you are done with this set before clicking Finished, as this will bring you to the next set.

17. When you are done recording your questions for this set, press Finished. If there are no more sets in the queue, Render will take you to the Home page.

Trying to add a question to the end of a passage? Read more here.

Adding another question in the same flag location? Read more here.

For a detailed demonstration on community check setup since 2.3, please refer to this video: