If you want to place a flag and ask a question at the very end of a passage, there is an easy way to do it. Here are the steps of adding a flag at the end of a passage:

1. First, select the passage by pressing on the waveform. Your passage will turn bright blue. (If you only have one passage in your set, then it will not turn blue.)

2. Press the dark blue Play button as many times as you would like to listen to the passage.

3. After listening through the passage all the way, without moving the green scrub bar, press the Flag button.

4. Your page will look similar to this:

At the end of the passage you will now see a flag line with a blue dot. In Community Check, the audio played for the community will be the audio from the last flag (or with no previous flags, the beginning of the set) up to the end of this passage, where you placed the flag. To continue:

5. Using a headset mic, press the yellow Record button and record your question.

6. Press Stop.

7. You now have some options with your recorded question. You can:

    a. Add to your question by pressing the Append button.

    b. Play your question by pressing the Play button.

    c. Delete your question by selecting it (clicking on the waveform) and pressing the Delete button.

8. Use the Append, Play and Delete buttons as needed to edit your question.

9. If you realize this is not a good place for a question and want to delete your entire question tab and flag location, press the big “X” Question Delete button to the right of the recorder. This will delete your entire tab and any work done in that tab. If you have recorded something in the tab you are deleting, you will have to confirm deletion.

10. When you are happy with your question, you can move on to record another question in the set. If one question is sufficient for the set, press the Finished button and move on to the next set.

Learn more about Community Check Setup here.