In Render, the Configure role can choose the number of community checks. The default option is one community check, but you can do two or three checks if desired. Each one of these community checks can then be set up to have a Retell portion or a Question and Response (Q&R) portion or both Retell and Q&R sections.  In the case that Q&R is turned on, Community Check Setup must be done before Community Check, as you need to have a user that sets up the questions that will be used in the community check Q&R. To learn more about Community Check Setup, click here.

As a user with Community Check, you will guide the community through the process of retelling the translation and/or responding to previously recorded questions about the translation. You will work with a community on an entire set in Render at a time. A passage in Render is the smallest translatable unit and is the level at which the translation is done. In the Retell portion of the community check, you will guide the community through retelling each passage in a set. A set is a group of thematically related passages that gives context for the passages. In Question and Response, you will guide the community in answering questions that were placed in passages throughout the set. Below is how Render guides you through this process.

To start Community Check:

1. Launch Render.

2. Click on your user name and input your password if you have one.

3. Click on the yellow Community Check 1, 2, or 3 buttons on your Home page. (If the button is not yellow, sync your machine.)

Render will bring you to the Set Listen page. This page will come before Retell and Q&R for every set in Community Check. This page has the entire set loaded to allow the community to listen to the entire set.

Note: if you have more than one community check turned on and assigned to you, always start with the one titled Community Check 1. This will prevent work being lost if the number of community checks is changed.

The yellow play button means that you have to press play before moving to the next step. While playing you can pause and scrub (move) backward, but you can only scrub forward to pieces that you have listened to.

To continue:

4. Press the yellow Play button and listen all the way through.

5. Press the blue Play button to listen as many times as needed to help the community understand the context of the translation.

6. Press the yellow Next button.

Render will move you to the 
Retell portion of the community check. If Retell is turned off, Render will move to the Question and Response part of Community Check.