Transcribe is an optional feature in a Render project, depending on the consultant’s desires. If the consultant would like a written reference while doing their consultant check, Transcribe should be turned on. This can be changed by the Configure role of your project.

As a user with Transcribe assignments, you will be typing out word-for-word what is said in the notes between the translation team and the consultant as well as what is said in the back translations. There are two types of back translation — Retell and Breath Pause. The Retell back translations will be longer pieces of audio and the Breath Pause back translations will be smaller, shorter pieces to transcribe. Your transcriptions will be done in a language that the consultant understands to be used as a reference by the consultant.

To begin to transcribe:
1. Launch Render.
2. Click on your user name and input your password if you have one.
3. Click on the yellow Transcribe button on your Home page. (If the button is not yellow, sync your machine.)
4. Make sure you have a keyboard connected to your device.

You will now be at the Select page. You will see a lot of yellow boxes, meaning there is work to be done.

1. Home button
2. Select player
3. Play button
4. Transcribe button
5. Finished button

Hitting the Home button (1) will bring you back to your Home page.  

The entire set for a back translation is loaded into the Select player (2). It is split up into the pieces that the back translator recorded, separated by thin gray vertical lines. With Retell you will have longer sections and with Breath Pause you will have shorter sections. The first part has been clicked on making it bright blue, indicating that it is selected. You can listen to any part of the Select player by pressing the blue Play button (3) and scrubbing the player with the white arrow. When you have a segment selected, you can press the Transcribe button (4) and it will bring you to a page to transcribe that segment. Once you are finished with your transcription of the set, the Finished button (5) will become active.

Learn the steps of Transcribe here.