Note Translate is an optional role in Render. If the consultant and the translation team do not share a common language, Note Translate should be turned on. This can be changed by the Configure of your project.

There are two types of Note Translate:

1.Notes to the Consultant: translate notes from the translation to a language the consultant understands

2.Notes from the Consultant: translate notes from the consultant to a language the translation team understands

Notes to and from the consultant are separate assignments in Render. As such, the Configure role of your project may assign one or both types of Note Translate. For Notes to the consultant, Configure should set the languages as: From: receptor language and To: consultant's language. For notes from the Consultant, the languages should be set to: From: Consultant's language To: receptor language. The languages for both Note Translate roles need to be set this way for Render to work correctly, even if the languages you use to translate notes vary from this.

Regardless of whom the note is going to, the process of translating the note is the same. Therefore the steps outlined below will apply to both types of Note Translate.

As the user with Note Translate assignments, you will listen to a note made by the consultant or translator and record a translation of the note. Below is a sample of the Note Select screen:

1.Home button
2.Set title
3.Select player
4.Play button
5.Next button

Hitting the Home button (1) will bring you back to your Home page. The Set Title (2) shows you what the corresponding set for these notes.

The Select player (3) shows all notes. You can see different note segments separated by thin gray vertical lines. This is where the translator or consultant added to their note. The first note is bright blue as it has been selected; it has been clicked on. You can listen to any of the notes by pressing the blue Play button (4) and scrubbing the player with the white arrow. When you press the Next button (5), it will bring you to the Note Translate Record page, with that note in the player.

Continue to Steps of Note Translate to learn more.