When your set is sent to the consultant for review, he or she can choose to pass your translated set or suggest a revision on one or more passages in the set. If the consultant suggested a revision, he or she recorded a note for you that you will receive in Consultant Revise.

1. Home button
2. Set title listen
3. Set translation player
4. Set source player
5. Passages select box

A. Passage listen players

B. Listen to a note button

C. Re-Record button

6. Finished button

Hitting the Home button (1) will bring you back to your Home page. If you click Home and go back into your Consultant Revise button, you will be brought back to the Consultant Revise Select page. Clicking play on the Set Title (2) will play the description of the set you are working on.

This page has everything you will need to hear the consultant’s suggestions, send a note back, and/or re-record a passage. On the left side of the page, you can listen to your entire translation of the set (3). You can also play the set source (4).

The Passages Select box has all of your translation work split up into passages (5a). The Listen to a Note button (5b) next to a passage indicates that the consultant recorded a note while reviewing this passage. As you can see above, the consultant recorded a note on passage two as there is a yellow headphones button next to passage two. The Re-Record button (5c) allows you to go through the process of re-recording a passage. When you are done with all of your changes, press the Finished button (6).

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