If you need to change the device that has the Configure role, follow these steps.

1. First, add Render and the project files to the computer that is going to be the new Configure device. You can see details here: Add Project on a New Device

Note: If the computer has never added the project before, it is recommended to sync the project files over LAN or USB sync so it will move more quickly.

2. If a different person will be doing the Configure role, change the Configure username by going to Users. Select the current Configure user and click Edit to change the username to the new Configure's name. Click Submit.

3. Now, go into the Setup page under the current Configure user. Click "Add" and input the new Configure's device name. (You can see this article for full instructions on how to add a device.)


4. Click on the "Transfer" button under “Configure Device” on the left side of the page. 

5. Click on the device that will be the new Configure machine. Click Submit.

6. You will get a popup with the new Configure machine name. Make sure that this is the correct machine. If you want to proceed, click Yes. 

7. Click Finished. 

In order to complete the change:

8. Sync current Configure device. (After this sync, the Configure user will no longer be on that device.)

9. Sync new Configure device, using the sync method used in the last step.