In Render version 2.0 the ability to switch projects easily on one device was added. Follow these steps to add multiple projects to one device.

To add your first project, simply follow the steps in the Add Project on New Device article.

How to add an additional project to your device

1. Before you start, find the project key and copy it.

2. Open your current project and click the Projects box. Here you will see a list of all of the projects on this device.

3. Click the Add button.

4.  Paste your project ID. Click Submit.


5. Wait for your files to load.

6. The login screen will appear after successful initialization.

How to switch between projects

Once you have added multiple projects to your device, you can easily switch projects by clicking on the projects box.

You will note that the project you are currently on has a dot next to it:

1. To switch to a different project, click on the project you want to open. The name will turn bright blue.

2. Click on the Open button.

3. Your project will open.

To make switching projects even easier, if you have the Configure, Observe, or Consultant roles, you can switch from one home page to your other home page. You will first need to request that the Configure person(s) on the projects make your usernames and passwords exactly the same on all projects. Then once you have added all projects, simply click on the projects box from your home page, following the same steps above. It will automatically log you in to the user on your other project.

How to delete a project from your device

Note that if you only have one project on your device, you cannot delete that project and your delete button will be grayed out (inactive.)

1. Click on the projects box and click on the project you want to delete. The name will turn bright blue.

2. Click the delete button. You will get a popup to confirm that you want to delete the project.

3. You will no longer see that project in the list.