Thank you for your interest in this demo of the Render software. You will be able to use this demo best if you have already participated in some type of demonstration or training on Render. If you have not had the opportunity to participate in person, you may watch the YouTube video demo below.

Please follow the steps below exactly to download the demo version.

Before doing anything else, if you have used Render on your device, you will need to delete or change the name of your current project. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your OS (C:) drive on your device.
  2. Find the folder titled “Render.”
  3. Delete this folder or name it something else. It cannot be called “Render” if you want to download this demo.
  4. Once you do not have any folders titled “Render” in the C: Drive, you are good to move to the next step.

Now, download the demo version:

Note this is different than adding a project with a project ID as it will download an exact copy of a project with various sets pushed to different parts of Render.

  1. First, download the demo files. The files will download as a .zip file.
  2. Now, either open the folder that was downloaded or navigate to the “Downloads” folder on your device and find the folder titled “render-for-demoing”.
  3. Now, double click on the “render-for-demoing” folder to see its contents.
  4. If you see two folders here, “Render” and “Render PUSHED FOR DEMOING 2.3” at the top of the page, click “Extract All.”
  5. When the box comes up to select a location, click “Browse.”
  6. Navigate to your OS (C:) drive on your device. This is likely located under “This PC” as Windows (C:).
  7. When the C: Drive is selected, click “Select Folder.”
  8. You should have the destination folder as C:\.
  9. Make sure the box is checked next to “Show extracted files when complete.
  10. Click “Extract.” It may take a while as there are a lot of files.
  11. You may need to input your password as you are copying something to the C: Drive.
  12. After the files are extracted, the C: Drive folder will open. You can see all the files you downloaded here. You should see two folders here: “Render” and “Render PUSHED FOR DEMOING 2.3”.
  13. Now, in order to run your project, you will need to download Render if you have not already. Download from this link and follow the download steps when you are prompted.

When Render opens, your page should look like this:

Make sure to save a shortcut of Render to your Taskbar or Start Menu as desired for easy access.

To reset your demo:

After giving a demonstration, you will want to delete the work you did on the demo and start over with a new demo. This will help you do so.

  1. After you are done with your demo, close Render by clicking the log out button.
  2. Navigate to your C: Drive on your computer.
  3. Delete the folder titled “Render” in the C: Drive. This will delete the progress you made on the demo so you can start again.
  4. Now you will need to create a “fresh” Render folder to reset your demo. Copy the folder titled “Render PUSHED FOR DEMOING 2.3”. Always leave this folder with this name in the C: Drive.
  5. Paste this folder in the C: Drive.
  6. After it is done pasting, change the name of the new folder to “Render.”
  7. Now, launch Render and you will have the demo reset to the beginning of all of the roles.

To reset again, simply follow the steps above. As long as you keep the folder titled, “Render PUSHED FOR DEMOING 2.3” unchanged, you can always copy this folder and use it as a new demo.