When drafting, you can divide the reference audio into smaller translatable portions. After you listen to the Passage References, the Passage Divide tool—a knife—becomes available. Tap the 3-dot menu in the upper right, and then tap Passage Divide.

Decide which references to include and which to exclude:

  1. Normally, no references should be excluded. Discuss this as a team with the Translation Advisor. 
  2. If the group decides to exclude a reference, lock the excluded references by tapping on its title. That title becomes red, and a lock icon appears in the upper right of that reference.

How to decide where to make divisions:

  1. It is best not to make many divisions resulting in small sub-passages. Try to make few divisions, resulting in sub-passages that are as large as the translation teams can manage.
  2. Working together - translation team and Translation Advisor - listen to the entire passage many times and decide together where the divisions should be made.

Making divisions:

  1. Starting in the first reference, identify the first division point and tap on the vertical line at that point. Divisions can only be made at these vertical lines. A knife will appear and the line will become light blue in color.
  2. Find the same point in the other references and tap on the appropriate vertical line. 
  3. When this point in all of the references has been marked with the knife, the knife button at the bottom of the page becomes active. Tap on the knife button to create the division. A dashed vertical line will now appear at that point in each of the references and new sub-passage numbers will appear (for example, 1.1 and 1.2).

        Continue in this way to find, mark and make the next division point in all of the references.

When you have made all divisions in all references, tap the Next button (bottom right corner). You will proceed to Draft the first sub-passage (e.g. Passage 1.1).