Community Test Setup: 

1. Back

2. Section and Passage number

3. Home

4. Menu

5.Play/ pause

6.Flag a question

7. Complete question placement


On the top bar in Render you will always see a Back button (1) on the upper left hand corner. You can click back at any time to go back one page (if possible) or back to your Home page. You can always see the section number on the top bar (2). Click the Home button (3) to go back to the Home page with all of your assignments. See the menu (4) for more information on your user and your project. Play the recorded audio draft (5). Clicking on the audio wave form to select a specific area in the audio that a question would be relevant to (6). Complete the setup on the passage (7)

Community Test Setup: Library and Questions Popup*

1. Library questions

2. Questions

3. Exit


5.Question play/pause.

6. Record a question.


Generic questions that are recorded, saved and reused on different Community setups (1). Detailed questions that are specific to a certain piece of the recording and are not saved to be reused (2) Close out of the question window (3). Move questions in/out of the library and Question menus (4). Question play/pause (5). Record a question (6).

*This role is automatically included if "Both" (Retell and Question and Response) or "Question and Response only" is selected under the Community Test settings in Project Configuration. (If you choose "Retell only" then you will not see this role at all as there is no need to set up questions.)