When you open Render, you will have to put in your username and password. If you have the Configure role, you will also have to create other users for the project on the first time you log in. Your login page will look something like this:

To log in to Render:

1. Put the Username provided for you. This username is always in small letters.

2. Put the Password provided for you. You can change it any time by going to this link- Forgot Password. ('Forgot Password' feature is still a work in progress and might not work properly)

3. Click on the Log In button. A loading screen will appear briefly, and you will eventually be taken to the Project List page if you are logging in for the first time.

4. You can also add a project by clicking on add a project via ID and put in the appropriate project ID.

From the next time you log in, your log in page will look like this:

Click on your user to bring up the password box:

1. Type in your Password.

2. Click on Log In.

Now you will be taken to the Project List screen.