Workflow Configuration is where you set up your project's workflow, what will happen and in what order.

Here is all you can find on this page:

1. Back button

2. Home button

3. Menu

4. Drafting (locked)

5. Settings for stage (gear icon)

6. "Drag Stage Here" box

7. Consultant Approval stage (locked)

8. Stages

9. Next button

On the top bar in Render you will always see a back button (1) on the upper left hand corner. You can click back at any time to go back one page. Work you have done on that page will be lost if you click the back button.

Click the Home button (2) to go back to your Home page. See the User Menu article (3) for more information on your users and your project. 

On this page you will set up your workflow. You will always start with the Draft stage (4) and end with the Approval stage (7). This cannot be changed which is why they have a lock icon; they are locked. You can edit what pages are seen within a stage and which buttons are yellow by clicking the Settings (gear) icon (5) on any stage box. See the article Project Configuration: Workflow Configuration - Settings for Stages for details on these settings.

On the right side of the page are the three review stages (8) that you can add to your project in any order and as many times as you would like. Simply click and hold on a stage you want to add (8) and drag it into the "Drag Stage Here" box. Continue adding the stages to your workflow by dragging and dropping into the center of the page. As you add more stages, you may need to scroll to the left and right. You can do this with the Stage scrollbar (not visible until the stage tiles exceed the screen width). When you are happy with your workflow, Click the Next button (9).

See the Workflow Configuration Steps article for a step by step guide in how to use this page.