• First log into Render as the Config for your project. Then, go to the 3-dot menu in the upper right corner and choose the "Project List"
  • If you do not see the project of interest, click "Add New." If it is there, Add it to your computer.
  • Then, click on the project.
  • You will see a blank "Workflow" screen. Click on "Configuration."

1. To get started on configuring your workflow, click the "Configure Workflow" icon.

2. Now you are on the Configure Workflow page. To start building your workflow, click and hold one of the Stages on the right and drag it to the "Drag stage here" box. Also, if you drag a stage in between two other stages and wait, they will separate making space for the new stage.

3. Add the stages in any order and as many times as you would like in whatever way is best for your project. The standard FCBH workflow is Draft - Peer Check - Community Test - Consultant Check - Consultant Approval as you can see in the image above.

4. To delete a stage, click on its trash can. If there is not yet any work done in this stage, you can choose to remove the work. If there is work being done in this stage, choose "Complete work" and then "Proceed."


5. Adjust the Settings for each stage as desired. See the article Workflow Configuration - Settings for Stages for details on these settings. 

6. When you are done, click the Next button (bottom right) to save your workflow.

After setting up your workflow, you will want to create project Users. To do that, read the Configure article "Manage Users Introduction" and follow the instructions in the article "Create Render Users."