The Config person for a project must create the project's users. The Global Users, 'Config' and 'Consultant' are determined during project creation by the Project Coordinator. This leaves the (local) Render Users to be created by the Config person.

The users which need to be created include, but are not limited to:

  • Team 1 and Team 2: These are the drafting teams. Projects typically have two but can have more if there are enough qualified personnel.
  • Back Translator: This person translates from the target-language draft of a section into the Consultant's language.  
    • Back Translator 2: In cases where the Back Translator does not speak the Consultant's language, it is possible to have Back Translator 1 translate from the target language to an intermediate language (e.g. national language) and then Back Translator 2 translates from that intermediate language to the Consultant's language.
    • In the rare case the Consultant can speak the target language fluently, there is no need for either Back Translator 1 or 2.
  • Note Translator (optional): Create this user if the audio notes between the Translation teams and Consultant need to be interpreted. Usually the Translation teams and Consultant can understand each other in some common language (e.g. national language). But for situations where that is not the case, a 2-Step Back Translation scenario is needed including an interpreter of the audio notes that go between the Translation teams and the Consultant.
  • Transcriber (optional) and Transcribe 2 (optional): This person will transcribe the work of the Back Translator for the benefit of the Consultant. Usually a role for the Back Translators.
  • Consultant In Training (optional): In the case a Consultant-In-Training (CIT) will do the Consultant Checking role and the certified Consultant will only approve, then create a local user for this CIT.

To create the users, follow the instructions in the Create Render Users article.