Find the User Menu by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner:

1. Section status: This is where you can see all of the sections in your project and their current stage (Drafting, Peer Check, Community Test, Consultant Check, or Approval). As the project progresses, the section status will be updated. See the How to: Review Sections in Section Status article for more information.

2. Export Audio: Go here to get your audio files out of Render. This is especially helpful once the sections are approved so you can distribute them in the community. See the How to Export Audio article for more information.

3. Project List: Clicking this will bring you to a page showing all of your projects as well as a place where you can add a new project or offload any of your current projects. See the How to Add a Project article for more information.

4. Sync: Clicking sync will share your files with everyone else on the project. It will sync to whatever you are connected to in your network settings—either the internet or a LAN router. Keep in mind that Render will automatically sync, so you should not have to use this often.

5. Log out: Click here to exit your user and go back to the log in page where you put in your password. See the article How to Log In to Render 3 for more information about logging in.