To break a passage down into smaller segments, use the Segment Free Cut tool found in the menu.

1. Scrubber

2. Segments

3. Scroll bar

4. Timer

5. Delete All Segments

6. Play/Pause button

7. Add Segment

8. Delete Single Segment

9. Next button

Press the play button (6) to hear the passage. Press pause (6) to stop before the audio has reached the end. The scrubber (1) for this passage in Segment Free Cut has a cut tool (knife) in the middle of it. You are able to add (7) or remove (5) any or all (8) of these segment breaks (2).

Delete All Segments

It is not possible to move the existing segments, so if you don't like very many of them, it may be easier to remove them all and start over.

1. Delete All Segments

2. Clear Segments

3. Cancel

To delete all existing segments, click the Delete All Segments button (1).  A box will pop up.  To confirm the delete, press Clear Segments button (2), or to not delete segments, click the Cancel button (3).

Delete Single Segments

1. Segment

2. Delete Single Segment

To delete a single segment, click the small triangle at the top of the segment (1) to highlight it, then click the Delete Single Segment button (2).

Add Segments

1. Scrubber

2. Play/Pause button

3. Add Segment

Press the play button (2) until you reach the place in the passage (1) where there is a natural break or breath in the passage and press the pause button (2). To add a segment at this location, press the Add Segment button (3). Click the play button (2) again until you reach the next break. Repeat this process until you have all the segments you want. Push the Next button (4) to go to the next page.