In Render, sending and receiving files is important for users to be able to transfer work among each other and move along in the translation process. One way to sync work between users and machines is by using a USB flash drive, SD card, or other removable drive. All of these can be called a “stick.” When you use a stick to transfer files, it is called Stick Sync. Before you can use a removable drive to do a Stick Sync, you will need to set up the device so it will work properly with Render.

Log in to Render as Configure. Go to "Setup."

1. Plug a USB flash drive into your device, then click Set Up Stick Sync.

2. A window will appear with a list of possible USB flash drives. Choose the USB flash drive you want to use for Stick Sync, then click Submit.

3. The next window should appear with “Success! Device is set up for stick sync.” and a Close button. Click Close to finish.

If you get an error message, ensure your USB drive has “write protection” turned off. OR, ensure your USB drive is properly plugged in.

Once you have initialized a USB drive for Stick Sync, you will see a new sync icon on your Home page:

Your Home page may look different depending on the role that is logged in.

To learn more about syncing, see the article Configure: Sync.