The Sets button is on your Configure Home page and allows you to view all of the work that has been done on any given set.

You can: 

  • Listen to translation drafts that went to peers, the community and the consultant  
  • Listen to back translations  
  • Hear all community retells and questions and responses made during the community check(s)  
  • Listen to notes from peers, translators and consultant 
  • Listen to reference audio and any alternate sources 
  • If Transcribe is turned on, view transcriptions of notes and drafts

Once you click on the Sets button, you are brought to the Sets Select page. Here you can choose the sets you would like to review. On the left side of the page is a list of set titles. In this list, “Set 3” is dark blue as it has been clicked on and selected.

To see quick information about a set, click on it and look at the information on the right side of the page. Here you can see:

  • Set: number of the set
  • Title: theme of the set
  • Total passages: number of passages in the set
  • Reference: Biblical book, chapter, and verses of the set
  • Total verses: number of verses in the set
  • Assignments needed: Roles that need to be assigned this set (If all roles have been assigned you will not see this.)
  • Process: Current Render process where the set is

To start reviewing and listening to sets, please see Configure: Reviewing Sets.

Processes Button

The Processes button is on your Configure Home page and allows you to get a quick view of where every set is in the translation process.

To see where your sets are in your project, simply click the Processes button.

You will brought to a page that looks like this:

Here you will see all of the sets listed under the role they are in. On the top right of the page, there is a filter drop-down with a few options to filter the sets that show up. The filters are:

  • All - This is the default and shows every set in the project.
  • Assignments Needed - This will only show sets that are missing an assignment somewhere in the process. (Note this does not work in Render 2.3.)
  • The rest of the options include all of the users on the project. Selecting a user will only show sets that are currently in their work queue.

Come to this page to get an overview of your project.

To begin reviewing sets, please see Configure: Reviewing Sets.