Now that you've reviewed the Translation Role (Intro to Translate), below are the steps for translation:

Steps of Translate

1. First, press the yellow Play button. While playing you can pause and scrub (move) backward, but you can only scrub forward to pieces that you have already listened to.

2. Once you've listened to the Primary Reference player in its entirety, the play button will be blue. You can now listen to all or part of the reference audio again, as many times as you would like. If you would like to listen to a specific portion of the audio, move the scrubber (the blue line) to whatever part you would like.

Note: If you have any secondary sources, you can now listen to those as well.

3. Press the yellow Record button on the recorder and speak your translation into your microphone.

4. Press Stop. You now have your first translation!

5. Press the yellow Play button to listen to your first translation recording. You can scrub (move) backward if you need to re-listen to a part, but you will not be able to scrub forward until you listen to your entire translation.

*Note: You can go back and listen to the Primary Reference, Secondary Reference, Set Title or Set Listen if you need to reference the sources again. If you feel that it'd be easier to record smaller portions of the passage, use the Divide feature.

6. Now let’s move on to your second translation recording. Press Record on the second recorder and speak another translation.

7. Press the Stop button.

8. Press the yellow Play button.

9. If you would like to re-record your translation, you will need to delete one of your recordings. To do so, hit the Delete button. Repeat the steps above to record a new translation.

10. Continue to listen to the source and record a new translation until you are satisfied with your translations.

11. You now have two translations to choose from. Pick the translation that you like best by pressing one of the yellow checkboxes. If you change your mind, simply touch the other checkbox. You will now have a bright blue checkbox and the Submit button will be yellow.

12. If you do not want to record a note, click Submit.

After you have submitted your translation of a passage, Render will bring you to the Passage Review page. Continue learning about Passage Review here.