In Render, Notes are the way that you can communicate to other people that are a part of the translation processes—your team of peer reviewers, the consultant and the adviser. 

During your first draft of a translation, it will be sent to the other translation team (your peers) for review. Any notes that you attach to a set or a passage will be sent to the peer reviewer along with your translation. If there is something you want to explain or clarify about your translation or something you think is important for your peer reviewer to know, attach a note along with your translation. 

Anytime you see the headphones button, you can record a note.


1.To attach a note, click on the Note button. A note popup will appear.

2. Click on the yellow Record button.

3. Press Stop.

4. You now have some options:


  • Add to your note by pressing the Append button.


  • Play your note by pressing the Play button.
  • OR delete a part of your note by selecting it (clicking on the waveform) and pressing the Delete (x) button.

5. Once you are happy with your note, click Submit.

6. If at any time before submitting, you decide you do not want to attach a note, click Cancel.

After attaching a note, you will see that the Record a Note button has changed. It is now headphones indicating that you can listen to a note.

If you would like to change or listen to your note, click the Listen to a Note button and you will see your note loaded into the Note popup. If you want to make changes to your note, such as adding or deleting, simply follow the steps outlined above and press Submit again. If you want to delete all of your note, delete each part and then press the Submit button.

To learn more about where notes go, click here.