There may be times when you want to re-record a passage in translate. If you did not make any cuts (divisions) to your passage when you first translated, re-recording will look very similar to the translate process. If you did make cuts, go to Divided Passage Re-record.

Passage Re-record

When you hit the Re-Record button on the Translate Passage Review or the Peer Revise page on a passage that does not have any divisions, Render will bring you back to the Record page.

This page is loaded with the same reference audio as you had on your first time translating. The main source is in the waveform player and any secondary references will be to the right. You may notice that the recorders look different than they did when you first translated. Your previously selected translation is now loaded in the left recorder and the right recorder is empty. If you decide you don’t want to re-record, you can click Cancel and Render will keep your old translation.

Steps of Re-Recording a Passage without Divisions:

1. Listen to the source(s) and your previous translation as much as you feel necessary to re-record the passage.

2. Press the yellow Record button and speak your translation into your microphone.

3. Press Stop.

4. Press the yellow Play button to listen to your new translation. You can scrub (move) backward if you need to re-listen to a part, but you will not be able to scrub forward until you listen to your entire translation.

5. If you would like to record again, decide which translation you would like to erase. Hit the Delete button.

6. You will now have a yellow Record button. Follow steps one through four above until you have a translation you would like to submit.

7. You now have two translations to choose from. Pick the translation that you like best by pressing one of the yellow checkboxes. If you change your mind, simply choose the other checkbox. You will now have a bright blue checkbox and the Submit button will be yellow.

8. Click Submit.

You are now at the 
Passage Review page. Follow the steps to review your translation and either Pass or Re-Record again.

When you pass your translation, you will be brought to your next piece to translate. Continue to follow the translation steps until you have translated all of your assigned sets. When you are finished with all of your translation assignments, you will be brought back to your Home page and the Translate button will no longer be yellow.