After a user completes a set in Translate, it will be sent to Peer Review. As a peer reviewer, you will compare the translation from the translation team alongside the reference audio.

To begin reviewing your peer’s work:

1. Launch Render.

2. Click on your user name and input your password if you have one.

3. Click on the yellow Peer Review button on your Home page. (If the button is not yellow, sync your machine.)

You will be brought to the Peer Review Passage Review page, which is loaded with the first passage of the first set you have to review. When you start, you will have two or more yellow buttons. Here, the yellow buttons indicate a required action—something you must do before moving forward to the next step. This is how your page will look after moving through each step.

1. Home button
2. Set title listen
3. Listen to a note player (This will only be here if the translation team recorded a note.)
4. Passage translation (receptor language) player
5. Passage source (source language) player
6. Pass button
7. Suggest revision button

On every page in Render there is a Home button (1) on the upper right hand corner. You can click Home at any time and it will bring you back to your Home page with all of your roles. Right below that is the Set Title player (2). Press play here at any time to hear a short description of the set you are working on.

In the case that the translator of this passage recorded a note, you will have a headphones button (3) to listen to the note. The circle player on the left side (4) is the translation of the passage, which in this case is French. This is the receptor language for the translation team. The circle player on the right side (4) is the reference language of the passage that was translated, which in this case is NIV.

As a peer reviewer, for every passage that you review, you need to choose between the Pass (6) and Suggest Revision (7) buttons.

Continue to Steps of Peer Review to learn how to suggest a revision.