After you have completed each passage in the set for Community Check Retell, Render will take you to the Question and Response portion of Community Check. If the Configure role has Retell turned off, Render will skip the Retell portion and move to Question and Response right after the initial Set Listen page.

During Question and Response, you will listen to a portion of the set and then a question corresponding to that portion. The questions were previously recorded in Community Check Setup. After listening, the community will record their response to the question.

After you have listened to the entire set and worked through the Community Check Retell for the set (if applicable), Render will take you to the first Question and Response page for the set.

1. Home button
2. Set title listen
3. Set player
     A. Play button
     B. Current flag location
     C. Other flag locations
4. Translation bar player
5. Question bar player
6. Response recorder
     A. Record/Append button
     B. Play button
     C. Selection
     D. Delete button
7. Note button
8. Submit button

Hitting the Home button (1) will bring you back to your Home page. Clicking Play on the Set Title (2) will play the description of the set you are working on.

This page has everything you will need to respond to the question. At the top of the page is the Set player (3) that can be played with the Play button (3a). This player is loaded with the translated set. Within the player are planted flags, which are attached to questions. Your current flag location will be highlighted in blue (3b) and any other flag locations will be gray (3c). Each question is placed in a flag location. The Translation Bar Player (4) will be loaded with the portion of set audio from the last flag (or the beginning of the set) up to your current flag location. The right bar player (5) will play the previously recorded question. Below the bar players you will see your Response Recorder (6). After you plant a flag, you will be able to record a question or add more to that question (6a). If you want to listen to your recording, press the Play button (6b). You can also select your recording (6c), or if you used the Append button and have appends, select a piece of the recording, and delete that part of your recording (6d). If needed, you can record a note by pressing the Note button (7). When the community is done responding to the question, press the Submit button (8) and you will be given the next question.

Steps of Community Check: Question & Response

Now that you understand more about the Question and Response page, let’s walk through the steps of responding to questions in Community Check. When you first enter the Question and Response page, it will look something like this:

The yellow Play button means that you have to do this action before moving forward on the page. Render will use yellow buttons to guide you through the Question and Response process.

1. First, press the yellow Play button on the left bar player. This will play the translation up to your current flag location.

2. After a full listen, the yellow button will change to a blue play button. Press the blue Play button on this bar player as many times as needed for the community to understand the context of the translation.

3. If needed for context, use the white arrow to scrub on the above set player to play other parts of the set.

4. After listening to the translation audio, press the yellow Play button on the right bar player, which will play the question.

5. Press the blue Play button on the Question Bar Player as many times as needed for the community to understand the question well.

6. Now you are able to record the community’s responses. Press the yellow Record button and allow the community to respond to the question.

7. Press Stop.

8. You now have some options with your recording. You can:

    a. Add to the response by pressing the Append button.

    b. Play the responses by pressing the Play button.

    c. Delete a response by selecting it (clicking on the waveform) and pressing the Delete button.

9. Use the Append, Play and Delete buttons as needed to edit the response.

At the bottom of the Question and Response page is a blue Note button. If you feel that it would be helpful for the translation team to know something about the community’s response, click here

Once you have successfully completed the page by having the community respond to the question and have recorded any applicable notes, press the Submit button. Render will deliver the next question in the set, or if there are no more questions on this set, Render will take you to the next set in Community Check. If there are no more questions or sets to work on, Render will take you back to your Home page.