If you decide you need to change something in your breath pause back translation, follow these steps:

1. On the Review page, use the Play button and white arrow to find the piece that you would like to re-record.

2. Select that segment you would like to re-record by pressing anywhere in that box. It will turn bright blue (along with its corresponding recorded translation):

3. Click Re-Record.

You will now be back at the Record page. Your previous translation will be loaded into the record box (bottom-half of screen) and the source will be the source you used to translate (top-half of screen). You can cut this breath pause segment into smaller pieces; however you cannot add any pieces as you have already recorded the surrounding segments. 

4. Listen to the passage and your previous back translation as many times as needed in order to re-record your breath pause back translation. Use the Divide button if needed.

5. To re-record, you need to delete your previous back translation. Hit the Delete button.

6. Press the yellow Record button and speak your breath pause back translation into your microphone.

7. Press Stop.

8. Press the yellow Play button to listen to your back translation of the segment.

9. If you would like to change your back translation, follow steps four through eight above.

10. When you are satisfied with your breath pause back translation, click Submit.

You are now back at the Review page (learn more here). Continue to follow the steps above to re-record as many segments as needed.

When you are satisfied with your back translation, click Pass. After passing a set, you will be brought to your next Breath Pause Back Translate assignment. If you are done with all of your Breath Pause assignments, you will be brought back to your Home page.