It is always good to update the Render software when there is a new version. Render looks for updates when you are connected to the internet. In order to update:

1. Close Render, then connect the computer to the internet.

2. Open Render. You should get a screen asking if you want to update, like this:

3. Click Yes.

(Note: There are some versions where all computers need to update at the same time. If your team is not ready to update yet, click No.)

4. Wait while the new version downloads and stay connected to the internet. You can see the progress in the blue bar. This may take a few minutes or longer depending on your internet connection. Your page will look like this:

5. Depending on your antivirus settings, you may get a popup like this after updating. Click "Install":

You may also get a popup like this from Windows. Click "More info" then "Run Anyway":


6. When Render opens, you will have the latest Render version. With Render open, click the Windows key on your keyboard so you can see the taskbar. Right click on the Render icon and choose "Pin to taskbar." This will make sure Render opens with the newest version. (You should also unpin any other shortcuts.) You can also add it to your Start menu by searching for "Render", right clicking and choosing "Pin to Start."

You can always see what version you are on by clicking the Render logo on your login page:

You can also see what version you are on by clicking the Render logo from your home page:

If the update does not show up right away, close Render and make sure you are connected to the internet. Try opening Render again. If it still does not work, try to get to a stronger internet connection. If it still is not working, uninstall Render (Settings>Apps>Click on Render>Uninstall) and then download Render.

Follow these steps on all computers using Render. If your consultant is working in a different area, be sure to alert them to upgrade as well.

Enjoy the new version!