In order to log in as a consultant, you will need to input a password. This is assigned to you by the Configure role, and they can change your password for you. If you do not know your password, contact the person with the Configure role on your project. If you want a specific password, see the How to: Assign a Password article to see the options, and then request that the Configure person change your password accordingly.

Consultant Check: Section Select

1. Back button

2. Home button

3. Menu

4. Unreviewed/Reviewed

5. Sections

6. Arrow

On the top bar in Render you will always see a Back button (1) in the upper left hand corner. You can click back at any time to go back one page (if possible). Click the Home button (2) at any time to go back to the Home page with all of your assignments. See the menu article for more information on your user and your project. All sections (5) that need reviewed are listed. Press the arrow (6) to advance to the next screen.

Consultant Check: Section Check

1. Section name

2. Section number

3. Original Language

4. Passage Back Translate (optional)*

5. Segment Back Translate (optional)*

6. Recording Waveform

7. Timer

8. Passage/Segment number

9. Scroll bar 

10. References

11. Play/Pause button

12. Notes

13. complete button

The section name (1) and the section number (2) are shown on the top bar in Render. The default setting is for Original Language (3). Push the button (4) to change to Passage Back Translate, or push Segment Back Translate (5) to review the passage in smaller segments. Press the play/pause button (11) to hear the recording (6). You can easily move to other parts of the recording by clicking on the scroll bar (9) and moving left or right. The timer (7) will show you the timestamp of both where your scrubber is in the recording (here 00:00) and the total length of your recording (here 00:03). The passage or segment number (8) is shown below the timer. Press the Reference button (10) to view the references for this recording. Press the Note button (12) to add a written or spoken note. (See the How to Record a Note article for more information.) 

With each section, you will need to decide if you want to approve the section or send it to the the Consultant Revise team (12,13) with one or more notes. It is important to note that if the Passage Back Translate and/or the segment Back Translate tabs are enabled, you should review ALL of the recordings (draft, back translate, segment back translate) before approving. If you want the team to consider re-recording their translation, you can suggest a revision in a note. The section will then be sent back to the translation team. Once they have listened to your note(s), they will respond and if applicable, make changes to their translation. This process will continue until you have passed the set. 

[note by Patty: Currently a note sends it Consultant Revise, not to the drafting team or the back translate team.  For the draft, that section would then be in the voice of the consultant.  I don't know if this will remain or be changed, so highlights need fixed.]

Press the approve button (13) when you are ready to pass the section. If you approve the section, you will no longer have the ability to make suggestions to the team

By pressing the Reference button (5), all references (1,2,3,4) to the current recording are shown on the left. Click the play button (1,2,3,4) to hear references. Push the Reference button (5) again to stop showing the references.

* This option can be turned on or off in Project Configuration.