To add or offload a project to your device, select Project List from the menu.

Project List

Any projects you currently have are listed here on the Project List tab.

1. Project List tab 

2. Add New tab

3. Project Name(s)

4. Open Project Arrow - closed 

5. Offload Data toggle - off 

6. Settings

7. Homepage

8. User Menu

On the Project List tab (1), you will see the projects displayed (3) initially. To add a new project, press the Add New tab (2). Offload Data (5) is an on/off toggle that will display a new screen to remove a project from your current Project List (1) when the toggle is on. See description below. Pressing the Arrow (4) will take you to Project Home. (If you don't see the Arrow (4), make sure Offload Data (5) is toggled off.)  Press the User Menu (8) for more information on your user and your project. You can also go to Settings (6) of the current user and go to User/Project Homepage (7).

Add New Project

Any projects assigned to your user are currently listed here on the Add New tab.

Press the Add New tab (1) to bring up a list of projects that have not been added to your device but are assigned to your user. Click Add (3) to add this new project to the Project List. If you want to search for a project, type in the project name in the Search Bar (2).

The project has been added and will now appear when you press Project List (4).

Offload Data

You may want to offload data if you no longer need a project on your device.

1. Offload Data toggle - on

2. Offload button

When Offload Data (1) is toggled on, an Offload button (2) will appear. Press it to remove the project from your project list. Nothing will be deleted as all project data will be saved that has been synced, but the project will no longer be visible on your device when viewing the Project List. To add it again, go back to the Add New page.

1. Cancel - If clicked, this will cancel the offloading process.

2. Confirm - If clicked, this will offload the project.