This is what the passage review page will look like right after you click Submit on the Translate Record page.

Both play buttons are yellow because you have to listen to both players. To navigate through this page:

1. Listen to one of the circle players in its entirety.

2. Listen to the other circle player in its entirety.

Note: After listening to both players, you can play and pause the translation and source players intermittently.

If you feel there is something you would like your peer review team to know about your translation, click on the 
Record a Note button and record your comments.

After you have listened to your translation alongside the source, you need to make a decision.

3. You can either:

    • Pass your translation and move on to the next passage to translate.

    • Re-Record your translation before moving on to the next passage.

If you pass your translation, continue to follow the 
translation steps for each passage until you have translated all of your assigned sets.

If you want to re-record, follow the steps in 
Translate: Re-record.