If your set has more than one passage, and you have passed all of the passages in a set, you will be brought to the Set Review page. This page is similar to the Passage Review page, however, this circle player contains all passages put together.

As you can see, the circle player has the title “Madi Okollo,” which is the receptor language recording, the translation that you have just completed. The circle player has every passage put together in order.


1. Click on the yellow Play button to listen to your translation. You can scrub (move) backward if you need to re-listen to a part, but you will not be able to scrub forward until you listen to your entire translation.

2. Play as many times as needed to review the set.

3. You need to decide if you are satisfied with your translation, or if you want to make changes. You can either:

• Pass your translation and send it along to the peer review team.

    • Re-Record your translation before sending it to the peer review team.

If you click Pass, you will be brought to the next set to translate. If you are finished translating all of your assigned sets, you will be brought back to your Home page.

If you choose Re-Record, learn how to here.


1. Click the yellow play button and listen all the way through. During the first listen, you can scrub (move) backward, but you can only scrub forward to parts that you have already listened to. 

2. Listen as many times as needed to fully review the set. 

3. Choose Pass or Suggest Revision.

This process will continue between you and the translation team until that team records a note that explains why they will not re-record or you pass their set.