After you have recorded a passage, Render will bring you to the Passage Review page. This is what the page will look like after you have gone through each action.

Let’s look at everything that’s on this page.
1. Home button
2. Set title
3. Retell back translation circle player
4. Translation audio circle player
5. Pass button
6. Re-Record button

As on the other pages, you can go back to your Home page by clicking the Home button (1). You can also see the Set Title (2) on this page.

The circle player on the left (3) has your retell back translation of the passage you just worked on with the consultant’s language as the title. The circle player on the right (4) is the passage that you used as your retell back translation source, the recording that the team did in the Translate process. The Pass button (5) allows you to submit your retell back translation and the Re-Record button (6) brings you back to the Record page to record a new retell back translation for this passage.

Steps of Passage Review Page:

When you click Submit on the Retell Record page, Render will take you to the Passage Review page with two circle players, both with yellow play buttons.

Both play buttons are yellow because you have to listen to both your retell back translation as well as the translation audio players. To navigate through this page:

1. Listen to one of the circle players in its entirety.

2. Listen to the other circle player in its entirety.

Note: After listening to both players, you can play and pause both players intermittently.

After you have listened to your retell back translation as well as the team’s translation, you need to make a decision.

3. You can either:

    • Pass your translation and send it along to the consultant.

    • Re-Record your retell back translation before sending it to the consultant. Learn more about Re-Record here.

If you pass your translation, you will be brought to your next piece to record your retell back translation.