Once you press the Re-Record button from the Passage Review page, you will be brought to a page that looks similar to this:

Your previous retell translation is loaded into the recorder on the bottom and the top is loaded with the same translation audio that you used before.

Steps of Re-Recording a Retell Back Translation

1. Listen to the passage and your previous retell back translation as many times as needed in order to do a retell back translation.

Note: If you now decide that you would like to keep your previous retell back translation, simply click Cancel and you will be brought back to the Passage Review page.

2. To re-record, you need to delete your previous translation. Hit the Delete button.

3. Press the yellow Record button and speak your retell back translation into your microphone.

4. Press Stop.

5. Press the yellow Play button to listen to your retell back translation of the passage. You can scrub backward if you need to re-listen to a part, but you will not be able to scrub forward until you listen to your entire retell back translation.

6. When you are happy with your retell back translation, click Submit.

You are now back at the Passage Review page. Follow the steps in the link below to listen to the players and choose to either Pass or Re-Record your retell back translation.