Community Check Setup is required if Question & Response was enabled by the Configure role for your project (see "Project Configuration..."). Before learning how to set up Community Check, it's important to be aware of the following:

Passage: the smallest translatable unit; level of translation
Set: a group of thematically related passages that gives context for the text

On the Setup page, you will see one set, which is the same set that will be checked by the community. Each set moves through Render together, so you will work on one set at a time and the community will do the same. If you need a reminder of what set you are working on, press the Play button on the upper right hand corner of the page. Here you can listen to the title of the set. This set could be made up of one passage, or it could be made up of many passages. No matter the number of passages, the whole set is loaded into this player.

In the case that there is more than one passage in the set, each passage will be a separate section in the player. The passages are separated in the player by thin gray vertical lines. You can also see the different passages by selecting a passage, which you can learn about here. To see the separate passages in this player, move the scroll bar left and right or scrub the waveform with the white arrow. If you don’t see any gray vertical lines in the Set player, you have a single passage set—there is only one passage in this set.

The player on this page is selectable, meaning that you can touch the waveform and it will highlight that passage in bright blue, indicating a selection. You can only select one passage at a time. The beginning and end of the passage will be shown by gray lines and the selected blue will fill in between these lines. If you select a passage and the entire player turns selected blue, then you have a single passage set.

For the translation team, the passage is the level at which they will record and revise their translations. So when you are doing Community Check Setup, it is very important to be aware of what passage you are on while planting flags and recording questions. When you plant a flag and record a question in a specific passage, after the community responds, the question(s) and response(s) are then sent back to the translation team for review. Each passage will group its own questions and responses together, so it’s imperative that your questions are placed in the correct passage so that the translation team can revise the right passage if changes are needed. Planting flags in the correct spot can be especially tricky when you want to place a flag at the end or the beginning of a passage. 

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