Now that you understand how to do a retell back translation on an entire passage, let’s talk about how you might divide a passage. On the Record page, you may see a knife button on the bottom right of the translation audio player. This means that the translation team decided to use the Divide feature and cut the passage into smaller translatable pieces. You do not have to cut the passage, but you have the option to retell the passage at the same level that the translation team recorded the passage. If you would like to do a retell back translation of the entire piece, simply do not use the knife button and follow the steps outlined here to do a retell back translation as usual. Note that if you do not see a knife button on the player, you have to do a retell back translation of the entire passage.

Remember that you are retelling these divisions for the consultant to understand the translation. As such, you cannot change the cuts from what the translation team used when they translated this passage. Each cut is pre-determined by the translation team.

How to Use the Knife Button:

1. Press the blue Knife button.

Note: If you decide you want to do the entire passage together after hitting the knife button, hit the undo button and it will put the passage back together.

2. You will now be given a new record page with a shorter translation audio source in the player. Press the yellow Play button.

3. Listen to the translation audio source passage as many times as needed in order to do a retell back translation.

4. Press the yellow Record button and speak your retell back translation into your microphone.

5. Press Stop.

6. Press the yellow Play button to listen to your retell back translation of the passage. You can scrub backward if you need to re-listen to a part, but you will not be able to scrub forward until you listen to your entire retell back translation.

7. If you would like to record again, you need to delete what you just recorded. Hit the Delete button.

8. You will now have a yellow Record button. Follow steps three through six above until you have a retell back translation you would like to submit.

9. When you are happy with your retell back translation, click Submit.

You will now be brought to the Division Review page. This will look very similar to the Passage Review page and will use the same steps to work through the page.

To navigate through the Division Review page:

1. Listen to one of the circle players in its entirety.

2. Listen to the other circle player in its entirety.

Note: After listening to both players, you can play and pause both players intermittently.

After you have listened to your retell back translation as well as the team’s translation, you need to make a decision.

3. You can either:

    • Pass your translation and send it along to the consultant.

    • Re-Record your retell back translation before sending it to the consultant.

If you pass your division, you will be brought to the next cut in the passage. Follow the steps outlined previously to continue to record your retell back translation for each divided part of the passage. When you go back to the Select page, you will now see separate sections for each division.

If you want to re-record, follow the steps