If the participants on your project need to move to a different device for any reason, follow these steps to move their users to new computers. These steps will ensure that all work is saved and moved to the new device. If you need to change the Configure computer, see this article: How to: Transfer Configure to New Device

To move users to a new computer, you will need:

  • Computer with current user that will be changed (the "old" computer)
  • Computer that you will move the user to (the "new" computer)
  • Configure computer
  • Sync option that all three computers can access (LAN router, USB drive, or strong internet connection)

Follow these steps:

1. Have the current user(s) finish any sets they are in the middle of working on. When all in-progress work is done, sync what will soon be the old computer. They should not start working on any new sets until all of the following steps are completed.

Note: If the old computer has died or is otherwise not able to sync, the new device will start working from the files that were last synced.

2. After the old computer has synced, sync the Configure device. Check the Sets or Processes page to ensure you received the work. If not, repeat steps 1 and 2 again.

3. Find the computer names of the new computers.  To find a computer’s name: 

Search for "PC Name"


a. Open Control Panel on your Windows device. 

b. Navigate to “System and Security.”

c. Open “System.” 

d. Your computer name will be listed here. Use the name listed under “Computer name” or "Device name," not “Full computer name.” 

e. Write down the name, paying careful attention to any 0s (zeros) and capital Os.

f. Repeat for all new computers.

4. On the Configure device, go to the Setup page to add the new devices to the project. Under Devices, click on the Add button.

5. Type in the new device name. It will look like the screenshot below. Click Submit. Repeat for all new devices on the project.

6. After you have added the devices, go to the Users page.

7. Click on the user you want to change. Then click the Edit button. Here we are editing "Translation Team 2."


8. Next to "Assigned Device", click the dropdown arrow and choose the new computer name. Note: If you do not see the new computer name listed, repeat steps 3-5.

9. Click Submit to save your edits to the user. You should now see their new device on the right side of the page when you click on that user. Here you can see the device we just chose for Translation Team 2, "NEW-DEVICE-NAME":

10. Repeat steps 1-9 for all users moving to new computers.

11. When you have edited all users moving to new computers, sync the Configure computer.

12. Then, have the other users sync their old computers. They should no longer have their users on those devices. Note: If the users are still on the old devices, try syncing Configure again, then sync their computer again. If the users still show up, repeat steps 3-11.

13. Follow these steps to get your Render project on the new computers:

  1. Download and install Render from here: http://download.renderpartners.com:9536/ (See this Download Render article for more detailed instructions.)
  2. If possible, connect the device to your local router to sync, or insert the project USB drive for syncing. This will speed up the next step. If you do not have access to either of these, connect to a very strong internet connection. 
  3. Input the project ID and click Submit. (See this Add Project on a New Device article for more detailed instructions.)
  4. Wait while the files sync.

14. Sync the new computers. You should see the users on these new devices. They can now continue working from this new device. Note: If you do not see the new users, start back at step 3 and make sure you have put in the correct computer name.

If you have any trouble, you can always contact us here at the Render Helpdesk with any questions.