Community Test: Passage Retell*

1.Section & Passage Numbering



4. Draft recording Section player

5. Draft recording Passage player

6. Delete retail recording

7. Record Community retail

8. Append (allows you to add to the community retail recording)

9. Proceed to the next stage


Draft teams will play their recorded draft (4) and (5). The team will record the communities retail of the passage (7). The team can trash the community recording they made and start over (6). Add to the retail recording (8). Proceed through the Community test workflow (9).

Community Test: Response Record*

10. Draft section player

11. Draft passage player

12. Audio clip player

13. Question player

14.Trash can

15. Record

16. Append

17. Complete


Play the recorded drafts on section and passage levels (10),(11). Play the audio in the recording up to where the question is placed (12). Audio player of the question (13). Record the response (15). Remove record response to redo (14). Add to the recorded response (16). Complete this stage in the workflow (17).

*You can choose to do both or just one of these pieces in Project Configuration. If you do not want either piece of Community Test, you can delete it entirely from your project's workflow on the Workflow Configuration page.