After you've added devices to your project, you can add Users and their Roles.

Before you can add or edit users, ensure the users' device(s) has been added to the project. 

See Add or Edit Devices.

1. Open Render and navigate to the Configure user; enter your password.

2. Click Users

3. Click Add

4. Fill in the user's info on the left side.

The only required fields are:

Name: You can type anything in this box, such as “Translation Team 1” or “George” or simply  if that is best for the user.

Password: This is required for Configure, Consultant, and Observe users. Click the arrow to see what to type in for a password or see this article.

Interface Language: This is the language of all of the buttons in Render.

Assigned Device*: This is the Window’s device name that you added on the Setup page.

Primary Reference: This is the main reference the translators will listen to.

*The assigned device requires you to have already added that device in Project Setup. See Add or Edit Devices.

5. On the right side, choose the role(s) this user is going to fulfill.

Below are the roles you can assign a user:

*Required for translation project to begin. Learn more about optional roles in "Project Configuration and Choosing Languages..."

Do not assign any roles to the Configure user or this could cause issues on your project.

6. If your role requires languages to be chosen, choose the languages. 

For Breath Pause Back Translate and Retell Back Translate, the "From" language should be the language of the translation, and the "To" language should be the consultant's language. If your back translator does not know both of these languages and you are using two back translators, see this Two-Step Back Translate article.

For Note Translate (To Consultant), the "From" language must be the translation language and the "To" language must be the consultant's language. For Note Translate (From Consultant), the "From" language must be the consultant's language and the "To" language must be the translation language. The languages for both Note Translate roles need to be set this way for Render to work correctly, even if the languages you use to translate notes vary from this. 

For Transcribe, the language must be the consultant's language.

7. Once you've finished adding the user's info and role(s), click Submit.

If you would like to add another user, repeat steps.

To edit a user, click on the user's name, and then click "Edit" to change info or role.

Now that you have set up users, you need to assign sets to users.

If you assigned someone Observe, they do not need to be assigned sets and you can just click  "Close" and sync your device.