Below is a list of terms Render uses throughout the translation process. If you'd like to learn more about Render's process regarding a specific term, click the term to see related help articles.

Configure (Role)

The Configure role is assigned to the user who is responsible for setting up the Render project. Before a Render project can begin, a Project Coordinator will identify the Project Technician, who will initially serve as the Configure role. A Render project is "launched' on the Configure machine, during training and/or set up. 

Breath Pause Back Translate (Role)

Users assigned Breath Pause Back Translate will listen to the receptor language translation(s) audio and record a back translation in a language the consultant understands. The receptor language translation(s) audio will be automatically split up into smaller pieces where the translator paused to take a breath.

Community Check (Role)

A user with Community Check will guide the community through the process of retelling the translation and/or responding to previously recorded questions about the translation. They will work with a community on an entire set in Render at a time. In the Retell portion of the community check, the user will guide the community through retelling each passage in a set. In Question and Response, the user will guide the community in answering questions that were placed in passages throughout the set (by Community Check Setup).

Community Check Setup (Role)

A user with Community Check Setup will place questions in specific locations in the translated set. The audio before the question as well as the question itself will be used in the Question and Response part of Community Check. If Q&R is turned off, Community Check Setup will not be necessary.

Community Check Note

At the bottom of the Question and Response page is a blue note button. If the user feels that it would be helpful for the translation team to know something about the community’s response, they can record a note here.

Community Revise

After each portion is done for all of the community checks for a set, that set will go into Community Revise. In Community Revise, the user will have all of the retellings from the community as well as every question and response accompanied by any applicable notes. After listening to these resources, the user will have the option to re-record any and all passages as needed.  

Consultant Check (Role)

The final step of a Render recording. Each project needs to have a consultant, chosen by the partnering organization coordinating the project. The consultant can send notes back to the translation team regarding their oral translation.

Consultant Revise

When a set is sent to the consultant for review, he or she can choose to pass the translated set or suggest a revision on one or more passages in the set. If the consultant records a note back on the set, the translation team will receive that note in Consultant Revise

Divided Passage

Reference audio that has been "cut" into smaller translatable portions.

Add or Initialize

Once a Render project is set up, a unique Project Key will be created. This key will allow the project files to be downloaded onto any device being used in the Render project (Access to project files is determined by Configure role: Project (Setup). After all files have been downloaded, the device has added or initialized the Render project.

Note Translate (Role)

Note Translate is an optional feature in Render. If the consultant and the translation team do not share a common language, Note Translate should be turned on. This can be changed by the Configure role of your project.


The smallest translatable unit; level of translation 

Passage Review

The passage review page displays the translation alongside the reference, allowing users to compare their recording before submission.

Peer Review (Role)

After a user completes a set in Translate, it will be sent to Peer Review. A peer reviewer will compare the translation alongside the reference audio. Then, the peer reviewer provides suggestions for revision, or passes the translation onto the next step in Render: Community Check. 

Peer Revise Note

In Peer Revise, the translator will listen to the note from the Peer Review team. Then, the translator can choose to "Pass," or re-record the translation. If the translator chooses to "Pass," then a note is required.

Question & Response (Community Check)

During Community Check, Render will guide the user through listening to the recorded translation, and then listening to the question attached to that portion of the recording. The Community will then record their response to the questions. This step gives the translation team an opportunity to receive feedback from peers not associated with the translation work.


This button gives the user the option to revise any recording of a note, translation, or back translation.

Reference Audio

Audio that has been pre-selected and loaded into Render for users to listen to when translating or reviewing translation work. Render can have up to four references.

Retell (Community Check)

The community will listen to each passage in a set, then retell that passage in a recording that will be listened to by the translation team.

Retell Back Translate (Role)

A user with Retell Back Translation will listen to the receptor language translation and record a back translation in a language that the consultant understands.

Set Review

Once all passages are recorded, Render will append them into a set for the user to review.


A group of thematically related passages that gives context for the text, as in "a set of passages."


Render uses "sync" as its method to send and receive files between users on different machines. There are three (3) types of sync options: LAN, Web, and USB.

Transcribe (Role)

A user assigned Transcribe will type a word-for-word transcription reference of back translations and notes between the consultant and translation team.

Translate (Role)

The user assigned Translate will listen, internalize and translate the reference audio into their language. Their translations will undergo review between peers, the community, and a consultant.


A person (or group of people) assigned to a device in Render with a specific role. They operate the Render software.